For Graham Treadwell, painting is a devotional ritual, one that creates a sense of purpose through a search for meaning. Drawing from the mania of contemporary culture’s visual saturation, Graham translates ‘dead’ photographic imagery into a sensual handmade object, one that will probably outlive its maker. This is an attempt at living a more considered life, free from mindless consumption. It is about the transience of what our senses perceive.

Graham’s practice promotes the view of the dispassionate observer - one who is intimately involved in the scene, yet consciously withholds involvement. As such, it is about relationships; with the photograph and with the people, places and times depicted. The printed images are processed into paintings that incorporate their own aging and eventual degradation. Complete with visual ‘glitches’ and jolts intended to conflate desire and repulsion: a reminder that truth is a matter of perception, and so hinges on context, nuance and intent.

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